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Social Media Solutions

Premium Branding On The Most Popular Platforms

We combine factors of education and entertainment when creating the most compelling content for your social media fans.

  • Content Writing

  • Graphic Design

  • Scheduled Posting

  • Targeted Growth

E-Commerce Management

A Custom Website for Your Products & Services

We use only the most powerful E-Commerce platforms to develop a website that sells your products & services.

  • Website Design

  • Product Uploads

  • Personalized Branding

  • SEO & Advertising


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Rysan Digital is based in Windsor, Ontario. However, being a digitally based company allows us to meet with clients and take on new jobs across Ontario and beyond.

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I Simply Loved the Process of Learning from a Young Age.

Eventually My Curiosity Led Me to Rysan Digital.

Getting bored of my post-high school day job, I knew I needed a change of some sort, a BIG change. I woke up with a burst of entrepreneurial spirit one day and decided the best thing to do was just to try SOMETHING! I decided to have a go at customizing T-Shirt designs for a Shopify store that I set up. I'm not afraid to admit that it wasn't HUGELY successful (understandably so, it was my first attempt at ANY sort of E-Commerce platform... or retail model for that matter..!)

The true value I received from starting my very first Shopify store did not come in the form of cash flow and fame, but in the form of knowledge.. And a hunger for MORE.

Formal Education, Self Education, and Mentorship

I believe in all three, in fact, I've used all three forms of education to get Rysan Digital and our clients to where we are today. During my experimental days on Shopify, I took it upon myself to learn EVERYTHING I could about organically growing a local audience as well as targeting to reach my specific niches. I was reading, breathing, and living social media to boost my store's exposure. The next step was simple, MORE.

I headed for Toronto to join a University program on E-Commerce and Online Business Management, this filled in many of the blanks for me and helped me to increase sales, while continuing to teach me about human psychology and increasing sales naturally. During this time I reached out to additional sources of knowledge; experts that have already made a HUGE impact in the Social Media & E-Commerce fields. I mentored under incredibly intelligent marketers like: Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tai Lopez to name a few.

After completing my course at the University of Toronto, I made wind back to my hometown of Windsor to connect with a few local businesses and share my newly discovered Social Media & E-Commerce expertise. I quickly realized that there was in fact a need and a market for social media. Many businesses had active social media profiles but they weren't getting the views or sales that would make all the extra time spent on social media worth it. Fast forward to the creation of Rysan Digital, giving local businesses the option to focus on their day-to-day business management while we handle their digital exposure on Social Media and any associated E-Commerce platforms.